notes from the studio


As a painter, I love to build color in cellophane thin sheets, layering a painting until it glows. 

Most recently, this has led to an interest in creating abstract representations of inner emotional states.  Each work begin with several pours of paint liquid as ink. The colors wash and stain and run. They escape me entirely. I'm learning to recognize the beauty in these accidents, a place where the velocity of a gesture and the emotion that gave rise to it are complete in their immediacy. The composition then wrestles to life around and through this first, raw expression. 

Though the elements of a finished piece are often different than I'd planned, I'm often surprised to find that odd intuitions and long digressions have led to an image that feels somehow familiar.  The finished paintings remind me of those late night dreams that revisit lingering griefs and forgotten joys, whispering the subliminal to the sensible mind, reminding it of things logic can't quite explain.